Choose a Test from the Selection Below

TEST A: The SMSI Hospital Security Test

Take this test and rate your Hospital Security program. The SMSI Hospital Security Diagnostic Test is an instrument that allows you to quickly ascertain your degree of exposure to potential security problems. This simple self-test will provide you with valuable insight into the “health” of your hospital security program. Don’t let a crisis bring hospital security to the front burner! By answering these 75 questions, security vulnerabilities will be highlighted and potential significant dollar losses may be averted. These questions do not represent every potential security vulnerability. They do represent a cross-section of risk factors that, if ignored, could potentially have serious financial consequences. This test will also highlight the range of factors that must be considered when developing an effective and comprehensive security program. Take The SMSI Hospital Security Test.

TEST B: Commercial Facility Security Test

Take this test and rate your facility’s security program. The SMSI Commercial Facility Diagnosic Test is primarily for facilities that are accessible to the general public. The purpose of this diagnostic test is to ferret out areas of risk and vulnerability. The higher the score, the higher is the risk. Facilities with high scores are more likely to have crimes committed against persons and property. This test will measure security vulnerability for any business, whether or not it serves the public. The primary difference between those businesses those that afford public access, and those that do not, is that the former are exposed to the potential for lawsuits when an invitee, tenant, or outside contractor, becomes the victim of a crime and suffers injury. Take the Commercial Facility Security Test.

TEST C: Security Management Support Test (SMS)

Take this test and rate if your facility would benefit from SMS. The Security Management Support Test is intended to be a barometer to help ascertain whether your facility would benefit from SMS. It is important to remember that the Security Management Support is intended to maintain your program at a high level without the need to hire a full time Board Certified Security Professional. Security Management Support is intended to allow a security supervisor for a smaller operation or a non-certified security manager for a larger operation, run a program. Through the use of this service, SMSI’s clients will receive monthly reports of security activities and trends along with recommendations and adjustments. It is SMSI’s goal to stand behind and support local security supervisory personnel. By applying expertise, SMSI Inc., will take your existing program and make it better. Take the Security Management Support Test.