Security Awareness Programs and Training Programs

Our training consultants believe that any successful security program must have the buy-in of all employees and tenants (where applicable). Security Awareness must become an integral part of every employee’s job. Any facility that is generally open to the public should institute a Security Awareness Program, if for no other reason than reducing liability. Every employee should see crime prevention as job one.

The way to ensure the full participation of all employees is through the development of our consultant team’s ongoing dynamic Security Awareness Program. This training program is the single most cost effective security methodology, which should be implemented by every business. This is especially true for commercial facilities.

This security training program should demand the full participation of the all employees with the goal of a safe and secure workplace. Our training consultant team recommends that you ask yourself these questions: “Is it best to rely on cameras to be the eyes of your security program?” “Would it be better for each employee to not only be the eyes but also the ears of your security program?” “Which of these choices is the most cost effective?” The use of Security Awareness Training, taught by our team, is clearly reflected in the Behavior Modification level (the first level) of the SMSI Security Solution Hierarchy™ (SSH).

If your hospital, shopping center, apartment complex and/or office building does nothing else, develop Security Awareness Training today and reinforce it daily. SMSI’s training consultant team will enable you to develop this program. The employees must become the secondary lines of defense if the Security Awareness Program is going to be effective.

Security Training Programs for Security Personnel

SMSI Inc.’s training consultant team will develop and conduct site specific Security Training Programs for security personnel. These programs will not only be site specific, but will be industry specific as well. Our training consultants fully understand, for example, the unique needs of safeguarding a hospital as compared to safeguarding a shopping center.

Do not wait for a tragedy to occur before deciding the security training was deficient. Once a lawsuit is filed, the clock stops and you will have no chance to undo the past.

Without exception, in every lawsuit derived from security events, training, or lack thereof, will be closely scrutinized. SMSI’s training consultant team will develop and conduct customized Security Training Programs for security personnel predicated on the findings of the assessment. Where training deficiencies are noted, SMSI’s training consultant team will provide either onsite and/or webcast training that will address the shortfall.

SMSI’s security training consultant team will ensure that personnel are properly trained to respond to the unique demands of the healthcare and hospital, retail, office or the environment any other commercial facilities.

SMSI Inc.’s consultant team will also develop customized literature and brochures in support of all Security Awareness Programs and Security Training Programs. Our consultants will ensure that tenants understand their roles and responsibilities. We will offer these programs onsite or through the use of web casting or a combination of both.

If you are interested in developing a Security Awareness Training workshop for your employees or a Security Training Program for personnel please e-mail our training consultants at