Security is a Dynamic Situational Discipline

Security is a dynamic discipline that is subject to modification with the passage of time. Security is also a situational discipline, as defined by a unique set of needs, and the ambient threat milieu. To varying degrees, most security programs are somewhat industry specific, as defined by both the internal and external, ambient threat environment, as well as applicable reasonable standards of care. The ambient threat environment is not fixed variable.

Some industries are held to elevated standards of care, while others may be held to a more moderate standard. For example, hospitals are held to a relatively high standards of care. Some manufacturing operations may be held to elevated security standards, as required by governmental agencies, such as the Department of Defense, as well as those industries that place a special emphasis for the protection of high value assets, and or, proprietary information The ambient threat environment is not fixed variable. It may vary with the passage of time. The threat environment helps to determine the reasonable standard of care.

How does one determine how much security is sufficient?  One of the best ways to make this determination, is to conduct periodic, objective security reviews. The is where the SMSI team can help. SMSI Inc. is a security consulting firm that provides two major services. First, we conduct proactive comprehensive security evaluations (proactive). Second, we are frequently called upon as expert witnesses (reactive) pursuant to security driven litigation. This experience has provided us with broad insights. One of the primary purposes of this presentation is to reduce the probability of security driven lawsuits. It is useful to define and quantify the reasonable standards of care for all industries, with attention given to the ambient threat milieu. Additionally, provides security awareness training programs, when needs indicate.

The best way to meet these implicit criteria, is to conduct periodic, objective security assessments. The justification, for periodic reviews is an acknowledgement that the ambient threat environment (both internal and external) are dynamic and therefore, subject to variation. Additionally, security technology, and security methodologies, are in a continual state of evolution. The ambient threat environment is not a fixed variable, but rather, it is dynamic.

Pursuant to the information provided herein, SMSI Inc. provides two primary services. One is proactive, and the other is reactive. On the proactive side of the equation, we provide comprehensive security assessments. On the reactive side of the equation, we provide security litgation support. Reaction is generally exponentially more costly than the cost of being proactive. With regard for these offerings, we have provided our services in over 35 states, plus Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. If you would like to have a conversation pursuant to these issues, do not hesitate to call, or email us. We may be reached at 805-499-3800 or emailed at

SMSI Inc. also offers on-site Security Awareness Training workshops, wherein employees become part of the solution, instead of becoming part of the problem. This is always a cost-effective strategy. At its best, security is a proactive discipline. The aggregate costs, both direct and indirect, of reactive security programs is significantly greater than the cost of being proactive. It is important to be aware that the costs, direct and indirect, of reaction are exponentially more costly than being proactive.