As Security Consultants, The SMSI Team Serves a Variety of Industries and Commercial Enterprises, Including Healthcare, Malls, Educational Facilities, Commercial Facilities, Lodging, Industrial Plants, Biotech & Supply Chain Facilities.

Security Management Services International, Inc. (SMSI Inc.) is a security consultant firm that is dedicated to the provision of security management expertise, training, and support services. Most of our services are applicable to those enterprises that provide access to the general public as part of their day to day activities. Our well experienced consultant team offers expertise aimed at the development of security programs that protect both people as well as property. Our security consultants also seek out to defend our clients from the ever-present threat of security-derived lawsuits. In order to meet the desired goals of a safer environment, for both people and property, our consultants provide security analysis and assessment services, security audits, loss prevention program development and security design, security awareness (crime prevention) programs, training programs, and both remotely on-site, as well as Security Management Support (SMS) programs. Once SMSI’s team of consultants have assessed your unique needs we will then develop a set of solutions that fall within the SMSI Security Solution Hierarchy™ model. Our consultants will then proceed to represent your interests with local security providers in order to ensure maximum return on your investment. SMSI’s first goal is to improve security by showing you organization how to help themselves, prior to allocating funds to ineffective solutions.