Manufacturing facilities include both light & heavy industry. As differentiated from many clients we serve, industrial security sites generally have a higher degree of access control. Visitors are usually funneled to a designated “Visitor portal” where they are require to check-in. They are then escorted to the person or department they are seeking after obtaining some level of clearance. These sites usually have a well-defined perimeter and perimeters are often under surveillance by patrolling security officers and/or by other electronic means. Manufacturing operations may have supply elements as well as transportation element.

Manufacturing facilities are characterized by various levels of security redundancy because the threat environment is multidimensional. Unlike schools, hospitals and shopping malls, with industrial sites there is often a shift in emphasis from the protection of property and assets, and to a lesser degree, the protection of people, resulting from a defined perimeter. The threat to property emanates from within and from without. The security of property, including intellectual properties, requires a more layered approach to physical security predicated on the level of ambient threat.


Security programs for manufacturing operations, the biotech industry, food processors, electronic manufacturing and many other industries require a comprehensive approach to security and loss prevention. For example, because there is an internal threat dimension, effective pre-employment screening takes on greater importance. There is a greater emphasis on electronic security solutions and inventory control. Supervisors and managers need to be trained to recognize threats and insist on accountability for employees under their charge.

The security assessment services offered by SMSI will identify threats and vulnerabilities is order to derive a security program that is need driven. The application of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) principals may provide cost-efficient remedies for many identified vulnerabilities. Industrial operations truly require a situational approach to effective security design. Security programs must therefore be need driven.

Finally, the best security programs are synergistic thereby ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Security technology is more cost effective than it was five or ten years ago. The effective use of security technology has made many security programs less labor intensive. Advances in video technology and video services have allowed security personnel to get out of control centers and into the field, with the ability to monitor real-time video on iPhones and/or iPads. Because of these advances, services such as virtual escorts and virtual patrols can be outsourced and thereby reducing the demand to man and equip proprietary control/monitoring facilities.

SMSI is also offering Security Management Support programs for industrial facilities. Security Management Support (SMS) programs includes, but is not limited to: security system design, vendor selection and oversight support, policy development support ad computer based security management oversight. Our SMS offers the establishment of internal crime prevention program, workplace violence prevention programs and security personnel oversight, as well as training support.

SMSI Inc.’s industrial security consultants are not affiliated with any contract guard service, or with any purveyor of electronic devices such as alarms. SMSI Inc.’s expert team will represent clients in their dealings with security vendors and will write RFPs. Please contact us to see if we can help solve your security challenges.

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