Much of SMSI’s work with sports and entertainment venues has resulted from being retained as forensic Security Experts in support of Litigation. Before moving into the consulting area, we provided security for concerts, music theaters, and sports arenas. Often the security consultant is asked to do a security assessment after-the-fact. In this process one quickly learns reasonable mitigation strategies. We have also received training in crowd and spectator violence prevention with the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

In the past, most arenas and stadiums relied almost completely on the deployment of security personnel. That assumption is viable today, but can be augmented through the effective application of technology, both before and during the event. Guest screening has become more sophisticated and so has video surveillance capability. Security Personnel can be trained to recognize aberrant behavior at the incipient stage, when mitigation has a greater chance of success.

Casino operations as well as nightclub operations should be primarily concerned with guest safety. Guest safety applies to the entire premises, both interiors and exteriors. Guests must be adequately protected from being victimized by other guests and/or unknown third parties in parking lots. Our hotel security consultants advise that casinos and nightclubs must pay particular attention to the selection, supervision and training of security personnel (bouncers). Litigation is often the result of poorly trained personnel, especially the intentional tort “of use of excessive force.”


Our goal is to help our clients reasonably mitigate criminality, thereby enhancing the guest experience. It also means clarification of responsibilities of both the venue and the event promoter. Traditional physical security strategies, modified to meet the needs of the venue, are still applicable. Each event may require adjustments to meet the needs of a particular event. SMSI is offering security assessment services designed to meet the security needs common to most events, while fully acknowledging the need for adjustments for each event.

If your facility has not undergone a security review in the last five years, consider contacting SMSI for an Assessment Proposal.

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