SMSI Provides the Latest in Security Industry News and Updates

The SMSI Hospital Security Reporter

This Newsletter is a quarterly publication that is devoted to bringing the latest in security industry news, developments, and trends to you. This newsletter is available in PDF format on the SMSI website at no cost to you. Go to The SMSI Hospital Security Reporter now.

The SMSI Security Watch

Our Commercial Facilities Security Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter primarily written for those facilities that cater to the public and generally have open or minimally controlled access. Those facilities include, but are not limited to: hospitals, hotels, office buildings, parking facilities, schools, shopping centers, industrial parks, etc. However, much of this newsletter will have application to any business that has security concerns. This publication is provided via email, free of charge. The purpose of this publication is to provide security industry news, call attention to areas of concern, and to report changes in the dynamic security environment. Go to The SMSI Security Watch now.

SMSI Security Test Center: Take One of Our Tests and Rate Your Security Program

The SMSI Test Center is an instrument that allows you to quickly ascertain your degree of exposure to potential security problems. These simple self-tests will provide you with valuable insight into the “health” of your security program. Don’t let a crisis bring security to the front burner! By answering the questions in one of our tests, your vulnerabilities will be highlighted and potential significant dollar losses may be averted. These tests do not represent every potential security vulnerability; they do however represent a cross-section of risk factors that, if ignored, could potentially have serious financial consequences. These tests will also highlight the range of factors that must be considered when developing an effective and comprehensive security program. Take one of our tests and rate your security program by visiting the SMSI Test Center.