SMSI Offers a Wide Range of Security Services

Situational Crime Mitigation

Because security is a situational discipline, every security program is, and should be, unique. For example, shopping malls and hospitals have variant criterion for access control. Shopping malls are more accessible than hospitals, yet within the mall complex, there are back-of-the-house areas that restrict public access. On the other hand, hospitals that serve the public generally control access to varying degrees, as determined by the ambient threat environment. Therefore, hospitals typically require some sort of sign in, wherein a visitor pass is issued. Additionally, hospitals, malls, public buildings and entertainment venues, build security operations that are responsive to the quantifiable ambient crime environment.

In most cases, the ambient crime environment is dynamic and subject to change. This mandates to security programs must also continue to be dynamic.

On the other side of the equation security methodologies are also evolving. Technology continues to improve, is less reliant on security officers and is becoming more cost efficient with the passage of time. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is but one example of cost efficient security.

Members of the SMSI team are qualified CPTED Practitioners. Therefore, the Security Solution Hierarchy (place URL) places CPTED at the first level of the Security Solution Hierarchy. CPTED enhances all the security strategies that follow.

Security Consulting Services (Security Consultant)

SMSI provides its clients with a wide variety of security consultant, training, litigation support, and expert witness services designed to meet the specialized needs of specific industries. Comprehensive Security Consulting includes Security Assessments, Security Management Support and Security Awareness Training.  We offer security system design and vendor interface. We evaluate efficacy of security system design, and the application of security technology. We apply the principals of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Listed below is a partial list representative of the client groups we serve. Each industry has a specific set of security vulnerabilities that are unique. The strength of SMSI Inc. is that we are fully conversant with those subtle differences.

The five industries discussed below are representative of the focus of the SMSI Security Consulting business. They are not fully inclusive of the range of our clientele base. They all have in common the need to afford the general public relative ease of access. That is why these kinds of facilities are so often the object of premises liability lawsuits.

SMSI Inc. understands that there is a sliding scale by which the standard-of-care for reasonable security is defined. Security is situational. Determination of the appropriate level of security for a specific facility is a function of architectural design, the nature of the business within the facility, and geography. The lynchpin of the SMSI model is the SMSI Security Solution Hierarchy (SSH). The SSH provides a logical construct from which to build a security program from the bottom up.

SMSI Inc. offers a Security Management Support (SMS) program and Online Incident Reporting Software, Security Audits and Consulting, Vendor Interface, Security Awareness Training and Programs, and Security Training Programs. We are in conformance with the anticipated recommendations forthcoming from the Department of Homeland Security. However, we do not believe that in order to conform with both the spirit and the letter of those recommendations, costly and draconian remedies are required.

While SMSI’s experience covers many different industries, we have become well known in the following areas as the Security Expert to go to:

Learn more about SMSI’s Security Consulting Services (Security Consultant).

Security Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Bill Nesbitt has been providing his services as a Security Expert to law firms across the United States, for almost 20 years. He has worked almost equally for defense firms and plaintiff firms. Our Expert Witness Offering includes lawsuits claiming Inadequate Security, as well as The Intentional Torts of: Excessive Use of Force & False Imprisonment. Bill’s grasp of current security case law makes him a valuable member of any litigation team. Bill’s clients have found it beneficial to have him involved early on in the litigation process. His understanding of tactics and strategy will often be crucial in determining the ultimate outcome of any case. He is a valuable team member in advising and developing lists for the documents necessary for a fruitful discovery process. Learn more about SMSI’s Litigation Support Services.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Violence often occurs suddenly and with devastating results. These acts are largely committed against individuals, sometimes randomly as in the Virginia Tech shootings or sometimes they are committed against specific targeted individuals. The individuals who commit these acts may be career criminals, disgruntled employees or may include individuals who are involved in a domestic dispute. Workplace Violence can also result in property crimes, including industrial espionage committed by those who may have a dispute with the targeted enterprise. In some cases, there may be the added intervening variable that these acts of workplace violence are being committed by individuals who are deranged, psychotic and/or chemically impaired.

Security Management Services International, Inc. (SMSI) cannot guarantee the mitigation of all acts of violence in the workplace. No firm can reasonably make such an assertion. However, SMSI can reasonably reduce the probability of such acts occurring through the application of threat assessments and the implementation of prudent mitigation strategies including active shooter mitigation.

Critical to reducing the probability of Workplace Violence, is the ability of the enterprise to recognize the potential threat, while that threat is still in the incipient phase. It is also important to remember that acts of workplace violence do not occur in a vacuum. In some cases, factors in the workplace may inadvertently give rise to these acts of violence, thereby requiring security awareness and sensitivity training.

Workplace Violence Prevention programs must therefore be multidimensional. These programs require training for managers and supervisors in early recognition capability as well as the skills required to avoid not becoming part of the problem. Workplace violence prevention strategies also require the application of more traditional crime prevention methodologies; the reduction of motive, means and opportunity. This requires that the integrated design of physical security remedies must also consider the impact of access management, CCTV and locking system, along with security officer training on workplace violence threat reduction. Any complete security assessment should include workplace violence threat assessment.

Security Management Support For Limited Security Budgets

How to Manage a Security Program without Additional Payroll Burden

Tough economic times require innovative approaches in support of effective security management. An economy in free fall, coupled with rising unemployment on one hand, places ever increasing demands on security programs, while on the other hand resources in support of these of these security programs are shrinking. Security Management Services International, Inc. (SMSI) through its Security Management Support program offers an effective and cost-efficient solution. Organizations that make indiscriminant cuts in their security programs increase the probability of losses, and greatly increase the potential for liability driven litigation. Therefore the emphasis should not be on cutting, but rather should be on efficiency.

The SMSI Security Management Support program provides a means by which organizations can maintain and improve the effectiveness of their existing crime prevention program while avoiding the payroll burden of a high paid security professional. The SMSI team is comprised of a diverse group of Board Certified Protection Professionals (CPP). These security professionals have expertise is such specialties as healthcare facilities (including hospitals), hotels, shopping malls, high-rise commercial buildings, biotech and manufacturing operation. This group of SMSI security professionals understands the proper application of mitigation strategies such as security guard operations (either contract or proprietary). The Security Management Support program can be applied to security system design inclusive of locking, card access and alarm systems as well as CCTV applications. With SMSI’s support, the effectiveness for organizations to deal with a wide range of security vendors will be enhanced thereby avoiding unnecessary expenditures.

Every crime prevention program can benefit from 150 years of accumulated diverse security expertise.

The Security Management Support program is not intended to replace the existing security program. It is intended to take the existing program to a new level by supporting existing security management with a wide range of support services including unlimited telephonic guidance and problem solving. SMSI will provide this service on an annualized basis. A customized Agreement will delineate the Scope of Services to be provided. The underlying assumption of these offered services is that many organizations cannot support the payroll burden of 150K+ security professional, yet most organizations need this level of expertise in order to insure high quality while at the same time, achieving cost containment.

One of the backbones of this offering results from a strategic partnering between Security Management Services International and PPM 2000, the world’s foremost developer of Security Management software. The monthly subscription fee will be included the hosted use of PPM 2000 Perspective Premium Incident Tracking Package. Critical to the security management process is the ability to make sound security business decisions going forward, predicated on real need. Security expenditures must be data driven and must produce measurable pay-back. The use of Perspective Premium will allow for the detailed tracking of security events, the early identification of trends and the early ability to mitigate future braches before things get out of hand. The analytic capability of the software is critical in assuring optimal ROI.

SMSI and PPM 2000 will set up the software and will assure it is customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Both the client and SMSI will have the capability to monitor recorded incidents and to subject this data to sophisticated analytics both investigative as well as remedial purposes. It is important to remember that security is a dynamic discipline and crime prevention programs must continually adapt and adjust to emerging trends and threats. Effective programs should always strive to reduce the probability of liability claims.

Another important component of this offering occurs at the onset of the initiation of the Service Agreement. Immediately after the mutual acceptance of the Agreement, SMSI will conduct a thorough security assessment of the facility or facilities covered by the Agreement. This assessment sometimes referred to as a Security Audit, can range in cost from $7k to $50k and up. Security Management Services International believes that an initial security assessment is important for a number of reasons. First, in the majority of cases, when providing these assessments as a stand-alone service, SMSI almost always discovers opportunities to save money and/or improve efficiency and productivity. Second, often new, yet unaddressed threats are discovered which often require low cost remedies such as employee awareness training. Finally, it does not make sense to develop a forward looking security program without first establishing a foundational basis on which to build.

The Assessment will also include analysis of local crime data as well as the provision of a CAP Index Crimecast Report and a CAP Index Proximity Report ( SMSI will analyze this accumulated data and provide a context for any suggested improvements. Every client will receive a bound report including photographic support.

The cost of the Assessment will be offered substantially below the stand-alone rate and the majority of the cost will be amortized over the term of the first year of the Agreement.

SMSI Assumptions

  • The client has, or is considering implementation of an enterprise-wide formal security program and strategy.
  • The program has a designated security manager or an individual responsible for oversight of the security program in addition to having other managerial responsibilities.
  • The crime prevention program has or intends to include the application of security measures, that may include, but is not limited to:
    • Access management system
    • Closed circuit television usage
    • Alarm system
    • Information protection programs
    • Uniformed security personnel
      • Contract
      • Proprietary
    • Investigation personnel
  • The enterprise is composed of an excess of 100 employees

Security Awareness Programs & Training

Any business that does not have a dynamic Security Awareness Program in place is ignoring the single most cost effective security methodology available. Security Awareness Programs fall within the first level of the SMSI Security Solution Hierarchy (SSH). The need for proactive Security Awareness Programs in the healthcare industry is even more important. The lack of an effective Security Awareness Program is the most dominant security program shortfall in most hospitals and commercial facilities. This problem is exacerbated by numerous points of ingress and egress as well as 24 hours a day of operation. SMSI knows how to establish programs in a manner that does not betray your primary mission.

SMSI Inc. will develop customized Training Programs for security personnel predicated on the findings of the assessment and systems analysis. SMSI will ensure that security personnel are properly trained to respond to the unique demands of the healthcare environment and your hospital. Learn more about SMSI’s Security Awareness Programs & Training

Additional Services

SMSI Inc. provides a wide range of security management options. SMSI Inc. will provide any of the services bundled in that offering separately.

Those services include, but are not limited to:

  • Security Assessments & Systems Analysis
  • Security Design
  • Security Vendor Interface
  • Security Officer Training
  • Development and Implementation of Security Awareness Programs
  • Litigation Support
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Programs
  • Active Shooter Mitigation
  • Information Protection Programs