The Cost Justification of a Security Budget is Enhanced by a Security Review

When was the last time you conducted a comprehensive security review? It is important to remember the security is a dynamic discipline, therefore requiring periodic reviews to enable adjustments to the ambient and dynamic threat environment. Security programs, at their best, are proactive, anticipatory disciplines.

Because security is a situational discipline, no two security programs are exactly the same, nor should they be. Security programs are generally industry specific, as well as location specific, predicated on the ambient threat environment. The criterion for adequate security is not a fixed variable. Most security programs are intended to protect property, assets, information, employees, guests, and sometimes real estate. This criterion is also applicable to sports and entertainment venues. Those industries that afford public access, such as shopping malls, hospitals, as well as educational institutions, to name just a few, have a multidimensional challenge. These industries may be subjected to premises liability claims if invitees become the victims of criminal acts, as the result of inadequate security. Each industry must therefore establish and define their reasonable standard of care obligations, given the ambient threat environment.

As security professionals, our role is to determine the reasonable probability of adverse security events, as well as the financial consequence of those potential events, and to then apply reasonable strategies of mitigation. The term reasonable is always subject to interpretation and may be industry specific. Enterprises that do not maintain a reasonable level of security, may be subject to claims of inadequate security litigation lawsuits, especially if those industries serve the general public. Therefore, the term reasonable, must always be situationally defined, by the particular industry being affected, as well as location, defined by the ambient threat environment. Security Professionals often apply such tools as the CAP Index, order to objectively quantify the level and probability for various categories of threat coming into fruition.

Because, both the internal and external threat environment, are not fixed variables, periodic security assessments are a must. Objective security assessments conducted by an independent security consultant may be beneficial. We, at SMSI Inc. have the experience and the expertise to provide these of services. We are CPTED certified, and we bring over 60+ years of combined practical experience to the table.

We have a broad range of expertise, including the provision to expert witness services, relating to security driven litigations. We know that one size does not fit all.

The Security Solution Hierarchy provides a construct for the prioritization of a wide range of security methodologies. It also provides a construct for the implementation of solutions. There are two broad general rationales that often induce security assessment reviews. One is reactive, and the other is proactive. From a cost-benefit perspective, a proactive review is always preferable. The direct and indirect cost of reaction will almost always exceed the cost of being proactive.

Finally, most successful security programs, engender employee participation. Programs that encourage employees to become part of the solution, are always cost-effective. With a small amount of security awareness training, most security programs will become more effective and more cost efficient.

There are numerous benefits to be derived from regular objective security reviews, including cost efficiency. If you agree that security is a proactive discipline, now is the time to act. Because SMSI Inc. is not in the security system industry, nor the guard industry, we bring objectivity to the table. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me directly at You may also reach us by phone, at 805-241-3800. After a brief conversation pursuant to you needs and goals, we would be happy to submit a comprehensive proposal for your consideration. Our litgation services continue to inform our role as security consultants. A portion of these services may be offered virtually, on a case-by-case basis.