A Long History of Crime Prevention

SMSI was conceived in 1988 in an effort to respond to a special set of identified security needs. Historically, companies have relied on vendors such as contract security-guard agencies and other vendors for advice in the development of loss prevention strategies. Often this advice has been biased and driven by the need of the vendor to acquire additional recurring business. That advice has been lacking in objectivity and has failed to keep the best interests of the client central. Our expert security consultant team believes there is a need for a service that would place the needs of clients above all others. That is the reason SMSI and their expert security consultant team has chosen not to align themselves with any contract guard service or any purveyor of electronic security systems or products.

It has been estimated that the dollars spent for all forms of security and crime prevention throughout the United States exceeds by three or four times all monies expended by all the various forms of law enforcement throughout the country. Frequently, funds that are budgeted for security and loss prevention programs are not allocated in a cost-efficient manner. For example, there is often confusion applying the proper mix of security personnel and technology. Many times security dollars are spent in direct response to a current crisis. Those dollars usually do not net sufficient return on investment. Security budgets must be targeted at crime prevention and risk reduction. It is for these reasons that SMSI’s expert security consultants have stepped into the mix. SMSI is offering an innovative service aimed at maximizing limited resources.

Furthermore, SMSI Inc. was conceived to respond to those organizations that have limited in-house security expertise. Most businesses do not require an expert security consultant with 30 years of accumulated expertise every day of the week. However, most companies do require that level of expertise from time to time throughout the year. SMSI was founded in order to afford their clients with the option of outsourcing that need. SMSI’s expert security training consultant team is able to provide ongoing professional security management expertise in a manner that does not require their clients to shoulder the payroll burden of maintaining this expertise in-house. SMSI is also offering Security Management Support programs for those organizations that see a need to get more return on investment from their present security program.

The accumulative expertise of the SMSI’s expert security consultant team exceeds the practical limits of most organizations to carry that payroll burden in-house. The addition of the SMSI Security Management Support program will be added dimension and effectiveness to your crime prevention program for minimal expense.