Why SMSI is Better Than Other Security Firms

SMSI is an independent consulting firm with no ties to the security guard industry or the electronic security industry. Our consultants offer a unique combination of security services for the hospital, hotel, apartment & HOA, shopping mall, school, supply chain, and industrial plants that are driven by client’s needs. We have been doing this work for over 30 years. The SMSI team is composed of a diverse group of security professionals and expert consultants that provide litigation support, expert security witness testimony and security training, with over 155 years of cumulative experience and expertise. This experience includes the provision of security consultants, training, expert witness testimony, as well as litigation support. The SMSI team also represents a broad and diverse spectrum of specialties including hospital, hotel, shopping mall, school, industrial and apartment security, information and computer security, workplace violence prevention programs, security risk management, active shooter mitigation, and many more. This team is also representative of most regions of the country. SMSI’s experts will analyze your security vulnerabilities, be it in a hotel, a school, an industrial setting like a supply chain, an apartment complex or HOA, a shopping mall or a hospital by helping our clients develop cost-effective strategies for reducing risk. Our expert consultants understand the need to reduce exposure to the threat of security litigation and the need to provide expert witness testimony when called upon. We understand the need of protecting people, and property with proper training. We understand the need to reduce the probability of work place violence.

A security program must produce measurable results in order to ensure an adequate return on the investment of limited security dollars. How can security budgets be justified without data supporting the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the crime prevention program? SMSI understands the need to develop benchmarks through the application and analysis of metrics.

The greatest threat to corporate assets clearly emanates from employees and, to a lesser degree, outside forces. The reduction of internal loss has the potential of off-setting the entire cost of the annual security budget. SMSI believes that your program must help bring dollars to the bottom line.

The SMSI Security Solution Hierarchy (SSH)

The SMSI Security Solution Hierarchy™ (SSH) is not unlike noted psychologist, Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs.” Maslow refers to these as “prepotent needs.” The SMSI SSH model represents a set of prepotent security solutions. Our expert consultants believe all programs designed for school, apartment & HOA, shopping mall, industry & supply chain, hospital and hotel security must be built from the bottom up. The three levels of the SSH are Behavior Modification, Electro-Mechanical Solutions, and Security Personnel. You will see that as you move up the SSH, the costs rise. If the SSH model is followed, the low cost solutions should be implemented before moving up the hierarchy to more costly measures. In some cases satisfaction of the first and/or the second level may suffice. Even when circumstances dictate the implementation of all three levels, if the model is adhered to, expenditures for the more costly solutions will be minimized. Assuming the SSH is a valid decision making model, why do so many companies turn the pyramid upside down and hire security guards first in response to a perceived crisis?