Security Vendor Interface & Screening

Dealing with the wide range of security vendors in your local market can be a daunting experience. The consumer of Security Products and Services is at a decided disadvantage because the vendor is infinitely more familiar with the product or service than is the customer.

If your organization is considering committing substantial funding for security technology and/or security services, SMSI can help to ensure that those decisions are need driven. If Security Services are required from a contract guard service, SMSI will develop bid specifications with a request for proposal (RFP). We will act as your agent in evaluating potential providers and help keep the playing field level. Security Agencies typically are more forthcoming when they know they are dealing with an experienced security professional. We will provide similar services when dealing with Security Vendors for electronic solutions such as card access systems, video surveillance systems and alarm systems. SMSI is not tied to any contract guard provider nor are we affiliated with any vendor of electronic security hardware. Therefore, we will provide non-biased and objective evaluations of vendor services, and thereby confirming that your decisions are truly driven by real definable need.

SMSI will also continue to provide project management support through the design and construction phase.

Other Options

SMSI Inc. provides a wide range of Security Management Support options. We can manage your security program on a full-time basis by supporting an onsite security supervisor of your choosing and/or offer assistance to you in the recruitment of a security manager. This approach allows for the use of either proprietary or contract guard services. Conventional wisdom dictates that if you are using contract guard services, the manager of your total security program should not be affiliated with the guard company. The Security Management function should always be disconnected from the provision of guard and/or electronic security services. Any exception to this has the potential of creating a conflict of interest.

SMSI will develop and/or support a site specific Security Training Program. We will also administer that training in person and/or through the medium of web-casting. If you are not sure if we can provide a needed Security Service, please email or call. If we are unable to provide a particular service, we will refer you to someone who can.

Security Management Support Services Summation

SMSI Inc. provides a wide range of Security Management options. In addition to Security Management Support, SMSI Inc. will provide any of the services bundled in that offering separately. If your enterprise requires security services not mentioned herein, please contact to see if we can help. Our experience is considerable and diverse.

These security services include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Security Assessments
  • Employee Surveys/Questionnaires
  • Security System Design Support
  • Design & Implementation of CPTED Strategies
  • Security Vendor Interface and Selection Support
  • Security Officer Training (Onsite and/or Webcast)
  • Development and Implementation of Security Awareness Programs/Crime Prevention Programs
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Programs
  • Active Shooter Mitigation
  • Information Protection Programs
  • Virtual Security Management (SMS)
  • Project Management
  • Online Incident Reporting Support With Analysis
  • Onsite, Telephone and Email Security Management Support