SMSI Inc. Provides Security Expertise to Two Prestigious Medical Facilities

THOUSAND OAKS, CA (MARCH 22, 2001) – SMSI Inc., a security consulting firm recently announced that it has been privileged over the last few months with the engagement of providing its services to two of the most prestigious hospitals in the United States: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital of Stanford University Medical Center, which includes Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

These hospitals, located in Palo Alto, California and Memphis, Tennessee, present unique security challenges.

Bill Nesbitt, the president of SMSI stated; “Both of these hospitals place a high premium in maintaining a secure environment for their clients, visitors, and staff. Having engaged SMSI’s services, it is obvious that they are committed to maintaining a strong security foundation that is unique to each facility. Both of these hospitals clearly reflect the notion that ‘one size does not fit all,’ when it comes to implementing a secure environment. We at SMSI understand, as do these hospitals, that all security programs are very individual and subject to regional differences. Both hospitals understand the need for the security program to be effective, while at the same time, enhancing their image to the community they serve.”

Paul Watkins, J.D., the Administrator, Support Services of Stanford University Medical Center had this to day; “The SMSI team understands the need to achieve a delicate balancing act between sound security practices and a security programthat is not overly intrusive. SMSI also knows that security methodologies do not lend themselves to universal standards, because, unlike safety programs, security programs are highly situational. This is why each hospital must be assessed on its own merits.”

References:If you are interested in further information regarding the services provided by SMSI Inc., to these two fine medical facilities, please contact:

Paul Watkins, Esquire
Administrator, Support Services
Stanford University Medical Center

Bob Haas, CPP
Director of Security
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

About SMSI:
The SMSI team is dedicated to providing security management expertise and support services to commercial facilities. SMSI develops programs that protect people and property as well as insulating their clients from the ever present threat of security derived litigation.

For more information contact:
Bill Nesbitt, CPP
Security Management Services International, Inc.