SMSI Announces the Newest Member of its Security Team, Dick Sem, CPP

THOUSAND OAKS, CA (August 1, 2001) – SMSI Inc., a security consulting firm recently announced that it has added Dick Sem, CPP to its distiguished team of security professionals.

The newest member of the SMSI Team, Dick Sem, CPP, will add additional clout to the to the already high level of security expertise provided by this security consulting firm. Mr. Sem is based in the Chicago area and will enable SMSI to have a greater presence in the Midwest. His diverse security background will provide additional capability for SMSI to meet the expanding needs of our healthcare security clients. Dick will also be the driving force behind SMSI’s American School Security division. American School Security is dedicated to reducing and preventing the level of violence in both public and private schools, K through 12. American School Security believes that now is the time to apply the 125 years of accumulative experience in dealing with violence in the workplace, to the school system environment. The likelihood of, even minor acts of violence, resulting in a lawsuit against the school district, is on a sharp rise. Our goal is to reduce that risk before its too late.

American School Security performs school district security audits and develops appropriate, cost efficient remedies, aimed at identifying potential problems early with effective intervention strategies. We offer effective tracking programs as well as year round security management support. School security programs must not remain stagnant. They must be dynamic and continually revised in order to remain contemporary, and therefore, effective. American School Security will develop prevention solutions that consider the involvement of parents, faculty, and students, as well as, local law enforcement. School security programs must deter all types of criminal behavior on school property. These programs must also support discipline.

We believe crisis management plans are an important component of any school security program. However, our goal is to squarely place the emphasis on detection and prevention in order to avoid both major as well as minor acts violence that victimize children, parents, and school employees.

About SMSI:
The SMSI team is dedicated to providing security management expertise and support services to commercial facilities. SMSI develops programs that protect people and property as well as insulating their clients from the ever present threat of security derived litigation.

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Bill Nesbitt, CPP
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