Security Management Support


Security Management Services International, Inc & Competitive Edge Software, Inc. are partnering to offer a unique service: Security Management Support, (SMS).

The SMS program is intended to provide security program support services to existing security programs by using the accumulative experiences of veteran Board Certified Protection Professionals (CPP). The SMS program will be supported by the expertise of U.S. based Competitive Edge Software, Inc. and their computer based/cloud based security management software. The cloud based REPORT EXEC will provide analytical data that will enable that the SMS team of security professionals are able ensure that the security program will remain relevant and responsive to the ever‐changing security dynamics. Remember, security is a dynamic situational discipline. Therefore security programs must continually flex and adapt to changes in the risk/threat environment.

The benefits derived from this service will ensure optimal ROI for budget‐squeezed security programs, though improved security design, reduced payroll burden, security vendor scrutiny and internal crime prevention strategies. This program will also ensure that the security program remains dynamic is response to the ever changing threat environment. The SMS program combined with REPORT EXEC will have a positive impact on the entirety of the security program, while at the same time, reducing administrative costs. This program will also ensure that the security program remains dynamic by efficiently mitigating emerging threats in the incipient stage. The likely reduction of liability risk will also be an expected outcome of this state‐of‐art approach to security management. The cloud based Competitive Edge Report Exec Software will be customized to meet the specific needs of each client being served.

The SMS program will be particularly helpful to those industries that regularly serve the public, such as: Healthcare, Shopping Malls, the Lodging Industry and public and private schools, to name just a few. This approach is also applicable to the biotech industry, supply chain operations and manufacturing industries.

The obvious rationale for this offering is cost efficiency and cost containment, while at the same time, maintaining an effective, need driven/ state of the art security program with reduced payroll burden.

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