Security Management Services International (SMSI) Releases New Website

THOUSAND OAKS, CA – (March 12, 2001) – SMSI Inc., a security consulting firm, announced the launch of their website, ( The site offers an innovative new service, Virtual Security Management (VSM). VSM will provide SMSI’s clients access to a team with more than 125 years of accumulated experience. SMSI will be able to cost-effectively manage and support its client’s security operations, in large part, over the Internet. The site was developed by the award winning firm, CosmicHat, LLC (

About VSM
Clients utilizing VSM will first be provided with an on-site security audit, a written report delineating effective solutions to identified problems, installation and configuration of Security Management Software, as well as training of their client’s security personnel on how to effectively use VSM. SMSI will visit the client several times per year and will provide unlimited phone and on-line support to the security program. Bill Nesbitt, the President of SMSI had this to say about VSM, “Because SMSI is not in the guard business, it doesn’t matter whether their clients are using in-house security or contract services. The service is aimed at enhancing an existing security operation without the usual payroll burden, thus providing an extremely cost-effective security program enhancement service to clients who normally might not be able to afford such an experienced team of security professionals.”

The new website also showcases a number of SMSI’s other services and provides internet users with an Education Center and free online subscription to the SMSI Newsletter: The SMSI Hospital Security Reporter.

Additional Services Available:
Security Awareness Programs: SMSI will help their clients cut losses by developing employee Security Awareness Programs.

Litigation Support: Bill Nesbitt, SMSI’s President has testified as a security expert in more than 225 litigations over the past 18 years on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

Consultation: SMSI provides consultation services to a wide rage of industries including specialized services to Healthcare facilities.

About CosmicHat, LLC
The site was designed by CosmicHat, LLC, a multimedia design and development firm specializing in creating dynamic solutions for the “new economy.”

About SMSI:
The SMSI team is dedicated to providing security management expertise and support services to commercial facilities. SMSI develops programs that protect people and property as well insulate their clients from the ever present threat of security derived litigation.

For more information contact:
Bill Nesbitt, CPP
Security Management Services International, Inc.