Security Management Services International, Inc. Partners with IncidentReports, Inc., to Enhance Virtual Security Management

THOUSAND OAKS, CA (February 19, 2004) – Virtual security management is a relatively new field, allowing businesses to enjoy the services of a seasoned security professional without the requisite six-figure price tag. Now, two of the industry’s pioneers are teaming up to redefine state-of-the-art: Security Management Services International, Inc. (SMSI, today announced that its virtual security management service (VSM) has implemented the IncidentReports ASP service (IR), the patent-pending incident reporting and case management software solution by IncidentReports, Inc. (

“IncidentReports provides the vehicle that allows me to offer VSM, ” said SMSI founder, president and CEO Bill Nesbitt, CPP, a 30-year veteran of the security industry. “Many businesses could periodically use the services of a security consultant, but often the cost is prohibitive. Thanks to this partnership, SMSI can now provide any business with high-quality, ongoing security management expertisewithout major expense.”

Using IR, Nesbitt conducts an initial on-site security assessment, customizing the IR environment to each client’s physical location and particular needs. The client can then enter incidents as they occur, and Nesbitt’s team monitors the reports online to spot problems brewing and suggest preventative measures. When the client makes recommended changes, the IR software allows SMSI to revisit the trouble spot and measure improvement.

Nesbitt, who is frequently called upon as an expert witness in lawsuits where security is called into question, predicts the IR system will also help security officers complete more legally defensible incident reports. “One of the big problems with general incident reports is that not all security officers are able to articulate, communicate and write reports,” Nesbitt explained. “If something goes wrong, those reports get subpoenaed, and if they are all hacked up and hard to read, it really paints a bad picture of the security program in question. With our VSM approach, the IR to a large extent can be filled out via point-and-click, ensuring every IR answers how, what, why, when, where.”

“VSM doesn’t require approval to hire, doesn’t require additional headcount, and it leverages today’s available technology to put a Board Certified Protection Professional on the case at nearly any business,” stated Mitch Gainey, founder, president and CEO of IncidentReports, Inc. “We are committed to providing unmatched incident reporting and case management software solutions for the asset and risk management industries.”

About IncidentReports, Inc.
Founded in 2001, IncidentReports, Inc. provides incident reporting and case management software solutions for today’s Human Resource, Investigative Service, Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, Safety, and Security Professionals

About SMSI:
SMSI, Inc. was conceived in 1998 to respond to organizations with limited in-house security expertise. Along with virtual security management, SMSI provides a variety of security solutions, including security awareness programs and training, litigation support, and general consulting.

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